Full and Partial Dentures

Losing a tooth can be devastating, regardless of the reason. Whether it's due to an injury or poor oral health, the result is the same. 

There's a noticeable gap in your smile that diminishes your self-confidence and makes it a challenge to perform simple actions like eating and speaking clearly.

But tooth loss is more common than you might think, and at Daylight Dental, we offer solutions like full and partial dentures to replace missing teeth in South Austin, TX, and help you get back your quality of life.

Full and Partial Dentures for All Ages

Did you know that dentures are not just for the older generation? Tooth loss can occur at any age and is typically due to poor oral health habits like inadequate oral hygiene. One survey of denture wearers found that 53 percent of them got their dentures at age 44 or younger!

If you need to replace missing teeth, you’ll be happy to know that the look, fit, and stability of dentures has improved dramatically in recent years. Today we customize full and partial dentures in Austin, TX that enhance your smile and look so realistic that no one will suspect they’re not your natural teeth.

Which Dentures Are Right for You?

At Daylight Dental, we offer three types of dentures for our South Austin patients:

  • Full dentures are removable and used when no teeth are remaining in the upper arch, lower arch, or both.
  • Partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth, and we secure them with clasps attached to adjacent teeth.
  • Implant-supported dentures use the stability of implants placed in your jaw to hold them firmly in place and eliminate worries about dentures that slip and shift in your mouth.

Modern Dentures Look Like Real Teeth

Improvements in technology and in the quality and appearance of the materials we use allow our dentists to custom-craft dentures to fit your unique smile. During the planning stage, we will work together to customize every detail of your dentures to achieve the natural, flattering results you desire.

Our dentists custom-shade the acrylic base of your denture to match your natural gum color. We design your dentures to fit your face and jaw shape and complement the color of your eyes and your skin tone. Natural teeth have subtle variations in position and spacing, and skilled lab technicians keep this in mind when placing each tooth individually in the gum-colored base.

Living with Your New Dentures

Don’t get discouraged if you have trouble adjusting to your dentures at first. It is a process, and every new denture wearer goes through a break-in period. Stick to a soft diet until you get used to eating with your dentures. Practice reading aloud to get used to the feel of talking with your dentures in place.

Above all, be patient with yourself. In very little time, you will find that you can go about your normal daily activities and forget you are even wearing dentures!

Please Call for a Consultation

If you need to replace missing teeth in Austin, TX and aren’t sure where to turn, please call Daylight Dental to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists. In our effort to make quality dental care accessible to everyone, we offer extended evening office hours until 7 PM six nights a week, including Saturdays.

Please call (512) 782-8738, and we will be happy to assist you.