Children's Dentistry

As a family-centered dental practice, we are pleased to welcome children of all ages into our warm and caring environment. Kids deserve a healthy start with their oral health because how and when we care for their teeth now has consequences that can last far into adulthood.

Children’s dentistry in South Austin includes all the services your son or daughter needs as they grow through each stage of their lives. Whether your toddler just got their first tooth or your school-age child gets a cavity, we’ll provide the quality dental care they need to ensure lifelong healthy smiles.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

At Daylight Dental, we like to see children when their first tooth appears, but we are also happy to see your infant if you have concerns. Our dental team strives to provide children with a calm, reassuring environment where they feel safe and cared for.

During their first visit, we’ll let them set the pace, and we won’t push them if they’re not ready. They’ll take a ride in the dental chair, look in the little mirror, and if they’re receptive, our dentist will look in their mouth and count their teeth.

All of these small steps help build their confidence until pretty soon they’re comfortable with the process, and we can perform a dental exam and cleaning.

Ongoing Dental Care as Your Child Grows

It might surprise you to learn that the most common childhood disease is tooth decay or cavities. However, it’s easy to help your little one to avoid the discomfort of a toothache by bringing them in for dental exams and cleanings at our Austin, TX dental office as recommended.

Baby teeth might be temporary, but they play a crucial role in your child’s dental development by acting as placeholders for permanent teeth that will arrive in a few years. If they do develop a cavity in a baby tooth, we need to fill it as soon as possible. Losing a baby tooth too soon can cause crowding of surrounding baby teeth that may require braces in the future to correct.

Preventive Treatments Protect Small Smiles

Preventive dentistry is just as crucial for kids as it is for adults, and our South Austin, TX dentist recommends that we see them every six months for dental exams and teeth cleanings. Even if your child doesn’t need dental work, staying current with these appointments helps them avoid the discomfort of cavities or other problems in the future.

Our dentists may also recommend a fluoride application if necessary to protect and strengthen your child’s teeth. Dental sealants are another preventive treatment and are placed on teeth to provide a barrier that seals out bacteria and helps prevent cavities.

Call Us to Schedule an Appointment

We want all families in South Austin and surrounding communities to have access to high-quality dentistry, so we are pleased to work with Texas Children’s Medicaid and CHIP. Our dental office also accepts walk-ins and offers same-day-dentistry, so you can bring your child in for teeth cleanings at your convenience.

Please call Daylight Dental to schedule an appointment with our Austin, TX children’s dentist.