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Dr. Aleeahna Phan, DMD

Is my treatment going to hurt?

At Daylight Dental, we strive to deliver comfortable, stress-free dental care. Combining the experience of highly-trained dentists, the care and attention of a dental team who puts your needs first, and top-of-the-line dental anesthetics, we make your comfort our priority. 

We understand that dental anxiety is a significant problem and the main reason that many patients don’t seek and following through with the treatment they need. Your oral health is too precious to ignore, so we also offer gentle relaxation with nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” at our South Austin dental office.

Nitrous oxide soothes your nerves and calms you so that you can drift through your appointment, blissfully unaware of the activity around you. Because there are no drowsy side effects with nitrous, you can drive yourself home and get on with your busy day.

If you’ve been putting your oral health at risk because you worry that your dental procedure will hurt, we encourage you to call us and talk with our compassionate, caring team about arranging an appointment.

We take our patients’ well-being very seriously and do everything to ensure that you have a comfortable, stress-free experience with us regardless of the treatment we’re providing. Are you looking for a gentle dentist in Austin, TX? Please call us at (512) 782-8738, so we can introduce you to our stress-free dentistry.

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